Rifle Matches

BERPC conducts monthly rifle matches from April through October at the August A Busch Memorial Conservation Area Shooting Range. Matches are usually held on the fourth Saturday of each month, but the date may vary (check the match calendar, for exact dates). Matches start at 7:30 AM for setup (first shots at 8:00 AM) and are over by 9:30 AM. Time is limited, so shooters should be at the facility no later than 7:30 AM.

Three types of matches are held: Bench Rest, High-Power Rifle, and 3-Gun. The match type rotates monthly and is indicated on the match calendar.

Rifle matches are open to BERPC members and non-members. Match fees are $12 for members and $18 dollars for non-members.

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High power rifle matches are designed to conform to NRA Official Rules for High Power Rifle Matches; however, some variation is necessary to account for range restrictions.

  • Modification and Restrictions:
    • At no time shall a shooter fire faster than 1 round every 3 seconds (i.e. minimum of 3 seconds between shots)! Violating this rule may result in permanent loss of range priviledges for the club.
    • All distances are 100 yards.
    • Offhand is defined as "standing without any external means of support."
    • Sitting is defined as "a seated position with no part of the upper body in contact with the shooting table; use of a sling is permitted."
    • Prone is defined as "sitting on the bench with upper body (e.g. elbows, chest) contacting the shooting table; use of a sling is permitted."
    • Because these matches no longer meet NRA requirements for High Power Rile matches, exceptions that do not result in a scoring advantage, such as the use of a suppressor, are permitted. Contact the Match Director for clarification on specific items.
  • Course of Fire:
    • Offhand (prep: 3 minutes, shoot: 10 minutes)
      • 10 rounds; manual, single-load
      • SR-1 target
    • Sitting - Rapid Fire (prep: 3 minutes, shoot: 60 seconds)
      • 10 rounds with magazine change (service rifle: 2 & 8, bolt-action: 5 & 5)
      • SR-1 target
    • Prone - Rapid Fire (prep: 3 minutes, shoot: 70 seconds)
      • 10 rounds with magazine change (service rifle: 2 & 8, bolt-action: 5 & 5)
      • SR-21 target
    • Offhand (prep: 3 minutes, shoot: 20 minutes)
      • 20 rounds; manual, single-load
      • SR-31 target
  • Required & Recommended Equipment:
    • Semi-automatic or bolt-action, centerfire rifle. To accomodate more shooters, BERPC adheres to the "any rifle" designation as defined in paragraph 3.2 of the rule book. There are no restrictions on sights or accessories, but caliber is limited to .35 or smaller.
    • A minimum of two (2) clips or magazines appropriate for loading the rifle per the match rules.
    • Minimum of 50 rounds (sighting-in period will require additional rounds).
    • Eye and ear protection.
    • [recommended] Shooters will want to invest in a quality spotting scope, but it isn’t necessary in order to get started.
    • Other equipment is available to help improve comfort and performance, but much of it is based on personal preferences. BERPC recommends giving the match a try and talking to experienced shooters before investing.

match description is being updated ...